Single Fathers of Camden / UrbanPromise T-Shirts

The Dotted Line Shirt Company has teamed up with Common Apparel and Anthony Morrow (who you may have seen on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) to produce four new t-shirt styles, two for Single Fathers of Camden and two for UrbanPromise.

You can buy them online at .





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16 responses to “Single Fathers of Camden / UrbanPromise T-Shirts

  1. amanda yale

    i am watching your story now. i am moved to tears and cant seem to stop. what a strong family, what wonderful young men and an incredibly caring and devoted selfless father. WOW. just WOW.

  2. Amy

    Dear Marrero family,

    I just finished watching your touching story on Extreme Makover Home Edition. It’s truly refreshing to see people working together to help one another. Mr. Marrero, you are a strong man. What you are doing for your community through Single fathers of Camden is amazing. I wish you, your family and the single fathers all the best.

    • Betty Gonzalez

      Marrero family,

      You are so blessed to have a father that loves you and is so much involved in your lives. I am a single Mom and I know all about how hard it is to raise children on your own. I had 8 and only 4 are living with me now. I wish there was a program like yours here in San Antonio, Texas for both single Moms and Dads. Your story was so inspiring!
      Betty Gonzalez
      San Antonio, Texas

  3. marrero family

    i really felt such love when i seen u and your boys on home extreme makeover. i would like to know what happened with the boys after the show. please link me to a website so i can know.

  4. JoAnn Valdez Kaiser

    Dear Mr. Merrero,
    what a amazing father you are and the impact
    you have made to your family and your community. You have shown everyone what a difference one person can make with love for your kids and others the perseverence with your
    having God in your heart is evident. Extreme makeover is soo great to pick a person such as you to show america this is what it should be about. Not so much as a beautiful home but inside the beautiful home a family who is of love for each other and there community. I know the struggles of being a single parent the importance
    that your children may feel missing a father the anger they may have towards a parent blaming you for their loss. Not always did it seem important for them to have their father since he seemed so out of control. Especially if their on
    drugs or alcohol. I had my grandson rewind extreme makeover just to see that there are good daddys since he doesn’t feel that way towards his dad. As I shared this story to my son he got tears in his eyes I know why even though he never said a word. I just bought a house after sleeping in a car living in a motor home, buying a modular home finally were in a house with our own back yard. Me, and my family are so greatful. I thank God for my job and pray to keep my health. Thank you, extreme makeover for making it happen for this man and his boys. Once I get settled in my house I will start buying some T-shirts to help support the urban promise. It would be a great thing to have this type of program all over to help men be better dads. Everyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy. I would have loved to know the love of a dad and you have done a great job with your boys. I hope my daughter will meet a nice boy like your sons someday. To all your sons keep doing good keep your dad feeling proud. It’s nice to see you appreciate his hard work most kids don’t appreciate that. If there’s something I may be able to help with let me know. Take care JoAnn

  5. connnie sullivan

    Mr. merrero I was so touched by your story. and you teaching others that you don’t have to have alot to give and to teach your boys and outhers to be stong caing and giving people. god bless you and your family. I would love an up date on how your family is doing. keep up your wonderful job. from connie sullivan

  6. Joanna

    Well done you deserve a nice house. I am glad extreme maker over helped you all. God bess you all

  7. Victoria Carlos

    I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family and I couldn’t stop crying while watching your episode on Extreme Makeover. I was sad that you guys had such a difficult life but I was also very happy to see how ya’ll stuck together as a family and made the best of what you had. I’m so very happy that ABC was able to help such a wonderful family and I hope you all continue inspiring and helping others. I wish you guys many many more years of happiness!


  8. Steven Preston

    I just saw the extreme makeover program which started assistance for the Marrero family. It was very encouraging and emotional. I would also like to help if I can. I have been a seeing eye dog trainer and then owner of a successful dog training business and kennel business. I started as a veterinarian’s assistant and kennel boy at 14 yrs old in order to help my single parent mother. I became very successful in the dog training field and am now retired. If any of the young men or ladies of Camden and other devastated areas do not want to go the ‘college route’; but wish to become self employed and productive business owners and adults; if they have the desire to put in the work and time, I am willing to become a mentorand I would be willing to share my almost 50 years of experience to instruct them in becoming professional dog trainers and/or kennel managers. This is my way of thanking God for the opportunity which I was afforded as a young man. Please contact me at my enclosed e mail address at Edgewater, NJ if I can be of any assistance. Regards and best wishes.

    • Roberta Ross

      This guy is the real deal.. I once read an article about him..he is the original ‘dog whisperer’.. Nice to see everyone pitching in

  9. Antonio Roberson

    I really can’t put into words how your story has touched me. I’m not in your city I’m in charlotte nc but I want to meet you and your boys so bad. I just started a non profit organization called Another Opportunity Club. For young men to learn about respect and decipline and always brother hood. Please find a way for me to keep intouch with your family please email me at I know your show aired in 2007 but I’m just seeing it today I love you and your family. I never had a dad in my life but if I did I would want him to be just like you

  10. LaTonya McBride

    I am sitting watching this show now. I am so proud of their Dad he did what he had for his family and provided. There are many dads out the doing the same things for their children jusy as a single mothers do. If there were more dads like you in the world it might truely be a better place. Just for some of the single dads who may be looking for financial freedon check these websites out and ogoverview. Contact me if you would like to no more about it

  11. Sarah

    I know it has been a few years since the original airing of this episode… I also heard the family was having probelms keeping up with the bills.. (no doubt!!) Anyone know where the family is now?? Still in the home? still running the single fathers of camden program? Kids doing well, dad doing well?? just curious. (anyone with any info please email me, thanks!!)

  12. Bren & Kim

    We just seen the episode 3/18/12 Extreme Homemakeover we’re wondering if you’ve heard anythig on how they’re doing? If so ls let us konw our Email us– God bless the Marrero family…

  13. Fred

    To the Marrero family,
    I also just finished watching your story this morning , wow, incredible , I wish you and your family all the best. I would like to send a donation to your foundation i can be reached

    Fred & Family

  14. Leonardo

    Please contact me at 678-764-3958 Atlanta, USA

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